What is the fastest way to earn PointsPrizes points?




  • Jayakumar

    I not getting points now, can you please check and help me for further

  • alrjlalmshaks1


  • Nasr Koba

    not getting points from ad video fix it no offers avaliabe and app offers dont give me points u said its daily for ad video but its not i have been trying the whole week to earn one point and still stuck at 1569 its so silly fix it plz!

  • kimi


    Get 100 Point For Free

  • saurabh



    get 300 points free 

  • Younes

    My balance of points stop at 755 points I do not know why please help me

  • Nima Ramezani

    hey im stock at 866 point. i did everything and i didnt get 1 point! help please


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